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About Us


Who are we
The Bay Padel Club is set to open it’s doors June 2023 making it the first Indoor Padel Club in the Southern Suburbs. We welcome all padel enthusiasts from complete beginners to everyday padel playing pros and we have not forgotten about the kids. We believe Padel is more than just a sport – it’s a community. With its friendly and inclusive atmosphere, Padel provides the perfect setting for people to connect, socialize, and have fun. Whether you’re playing with friends, joining a club, or attending a tournament, Padel brings people together in a way that few other sports can.

Our Club
The club boasts 5 indoor panoramic courts manufactured by PadelGalis the official ATP World Padel Tour Court manufacturer and 1 Kids padel court, ideal for children up to 10 years. The decision to bring the club completely indoors was a no-brainer for us due to the Cape’s climate being infamous for having 4 seasons in one day. The club has also geared itself up to be energy-sufficient during load shedding allowing play to continue no matter what the weather or loadshedding schedule.




We use the very nifty Playtomic app to handle all our bookings. Simply book a game online here. Or download the Playtomic App on either the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple), signup, search “Bay Padel” and book. Alternatively, you are most welcome to pop into our club and a friendly receptionist can assist with signup and booking of a game through the Playtomic App.

Playtomic is a web and mobile app that helps players find and book sports facilities online. With Playtomic, users can search for sports facilities in their area, compare prices and availability, and make bookings directly through the app or website. It’s a convenient and user-friendly way to book a game of Padel, tennis, football, or other popular sports.
Yes you can. We have rackets and balls available to rent. Our reception staff are there help you find the perfect racket for your game.
Yes we have showers facilities for men and women as well as change rooms on offer so you can freshen up before you need to get back to your day.
Yes! That’s the beauty of indoor. Come play rain or shine!
Yes, we have installed solar so are not at Eskom loadshedding mercy.
We do, please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to your query as soon as we can.
Nope. We welcome kids of all ages. We have a special kids court (10m x 5m) making learning the sport a lot easier for littles. Please book the court before arriving. We also have coaching for kids available through one of our resident coaches.
Yes, there is ample off street parking.
Yes, we welcome all spectators.
  1. Matches are made up of three sets, with each set made up of six games. The winners of two out of the three sets will be declared winners of the Padel match
  2. There are two ways a match can be played when a game reaches deuce – players must decide before the match begins. 1) Advantage (like tennis), 2) Golden point – this is a sudden death point at deuce (40 all) and the receivers decide who will receive the serve.
  1. A serve must be done as follows: The ball must be dropped behind the baseline and may not bounce higher than the waist, the serve must then be hit underhand diagonally into the opponents square.
  2. The server shall stand behind the baseline on the court when serving.
  3. You have two attempts on the serve. If the ball hits the net and bounces in the opponents box, it is a let and serve is taken again.
  4. The ball may not hit the wire fencing on the serve (fault), but it may hit the glass.
  1. The ball must bounce on the ground before hitting the glass wall or wire fencing.
  2. The ball however may be returned by hitting it against the glass wall on your side of the court, and then over the net.
  3. The ball slammed/smashed into the opponent’s court and bouncing “out” of the court is considered as a point, the opposing team may run out of the court and hit it back into the opposing team’s side.
  1. Scoring works the same as tennis.
  1. Players must change ends after the 1st, 3rd and every subsequent odd game in the set, in the tiebreak, players will change ends after every 6 points.
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